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Transfer 13 Week 2

Dear Everyone,
    This week has certainly been a surprise. We have done everything from laser tag to putting out a fire. On Monday night we had dinner with the Olsen family and with one of our investigators, Jennifer. We had a wonderful dinner there and were able to talk about the loving nature of God and His willingness to forgive His repentant children. Brother Olsen suggested she read from Mosiah 27 and then we read a bit of 3rd Nephi 9 and discussed some of the principles therein. We met up with a couple of potential investigators on Tuesday and were able to set up appointments with them. However, throughout the week, most of them fell through. We did meet up with Tameka though and her music producer fiance, Brenton. They both seem interested to learn more and we will be hopefully meeting with them today. A member of the ward brought us some pizza and them we tried to see a couple more potentials. Wednesday we had District Meeting in Roxboro and we discussed having the faith to find new investigators. We were able to do roleplays and Elder Kopp and I were able to practice a new program with the Sisters. That night we were able to have a lesson with Keith and begin to address some of his concerns.
    Thursday we had a long planning session with a break to visit a less active member. We were able to invite him to commit to asking his manager for Sundays off and hope to see him this coming Sunday. He looks so much happier since we've been able to drop by. We spent most of Friday trying to contact the referrals we had received and that night we met with the Branch president and his family. We were able to begin to impliment the program of teaching the Doctrine of Christ and then helping them to think of people that God is preparing to be taught the Doctrine of Christ. The purpose is not for them to give us a list of people to go see, but for them to prayerfully consider what they can do to invite their friends to come unto Christ. We thought Saturday was going to be a pretty full day, but then everyone began to cancel. Either they were not home, or we were not able to enter and teach due to them being asleep or unaccompanied by someone else. We were able to see a member family and then after trying to contact a potential we noticed the next door neighbor's shed go up in flames. I look at my companion and asked "do you think that's supposed to be on fire?" We debated and once we noticed the ring of fire on the grass heading towards pinestraw and a forest, we decided he needed some help. Sadly, the hose had frozen up since it was about 26 degrees, but my companion was able to break about 60% of the ice out. After putting a bit of the ring out the neighbor took the hose from me and I ran and picked up the fire extinguisher. I was able to put a little portion of the ring out with the remainder of the contents. We then went medieval on it and pulled out a shovel and a hoe. I was able to stomp a small portion and kick a tire that was beginning to flare up and finally after much effort, the ring was out. There was not much we could do about the shed and at one point something exploded inside. Thankfully, noone sustained injuries, but I had a really red forehead for getting too close. The fire response team finally came after we left, in the form of one pickup truck.... XD That night we were able to teach Keith again and I could tell that one inspired question we were able to ask really touched him.
    Sunday we were able to do roleplays with the Branch council and that went so well that they want us to do training for the combined Priesthood and Relief Society along with the Young Men/Young Women. After three hours of church, an hour of choir, two hours of study and an hour for lunch, we were able to meet Jennifer at the Olsen's apartment and there we had a marvelous dinner and were able to teach the Plan of Salvation. Jennifer was visably moved by the Spirit that was there and she was mostly speechless throughout, but commented on the beauty of the plan. It truly is a perfect plan, made by a perfect loving Father in Heaven. Last night we were able to meet with a recent convert and we watched Joseph Smith: Prophet of the Restoration. There is such a strong Spirit there. Everytime I see that movie I feel my testimony of the Prophet and His divine calling grow.
    I know that Joseph Smith was a Prophet and I know that through him Our Father in Heaven and His Beloved Son Jesus Christ restored Christ's original Church. I know that the Book of Mormon is evidence of this. This I bear witness of in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.
With Love,
Elder Roberts