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Transfer 13 Week 6

Dear Everyone,
    I received a call from the mission president last Monday and he asked if I would be able to stay an extra week. After this week I will be returning home to continue my service mission until the sixth of March.
    This week has been a very interesting week. My companion and I had all of our plans fall through on Monday night and somehow ended up back at the house of the family from India. We only expected to follow up with the on the commitments they had made, but they invited us in and we were able to talk with the about the Book of Mormon a little more. We read from the introduction and were able to listen to the mother read the entire introduction in Telagu. Afterwards we were able to discuss the importance of the Book of Mormon and somehow the Spirit prompted the father to commit to read the Book of Mormon daily. On Tuesday we scouted out some less active members that had moved and then for the first time in weeks went knocking door to door. I think we knocked as many doors as I had the entire time I have been here. We did meet a few people who were unwilling to listen, but one man invited us to come back. We hope to see him this coming Wednesday. That night we had dinner with a member family and we were able to share the Doctrine of Christ and help them make a list of people they could pray for. That day had been a pretty depressing day and it was lightening up around dinner time. However, the thing that really brought me back was when we received a call from a Spanish family and I was able to speak with them. I missed speaking in Spanish so much. I hardly ever get to do so out here in Henderson and it really bothers me. We set up an appointment to see them and that fell through, but thankfully we were able to reschedule to today.
    Wednesday morning I really missed the Temple. It has been so long since I have been able to go. That's alright though, I will be able to go this coming week! :D I love having a Temple so close to home. We had District Meeting and learned about how the two things we need as a mission were to develop more faith in Christ and more charity, which is the pure love of Christ. I have seen many times this week where I could improve on both of them. I have noticed how pride and contention really do drive away any degree of charity in a relationship and how it is better to be at peace than to be right, even if you are right. ;) We found out throughout the week that many of our investigators have been having a lot of trials. One of them had a brother who had 2 strokes, two others may have cancer developing, the boyfriend of one of the ones who may have cancer broke two ribs and then the brother of a recent convert had a heart attack. We are praying for them.
    Thursday we were able to complete weekly planning in record time. I can only think it is because we were not on a different topic every other minute. Hopefully we will be able to do that again. That night we were able to see the Culler family and have a wonderful dinner with them. Sister Culler made a wonderful blueberry crisp and we were then able to share the Doctrine of Christ with them and make a list. I am sure that in a few weeks these lists will become a wonderful teaching pool for future missionaries. Later that night we were able to catch up with one of our investigators and teach her abit. We read from the Book of Mormon and invited her to church. Sadly she was not able to come this past Sunday, but we are working on getting her a ride for this one.
    Friday was an interesting day. Every one of our appointments cancelled and we had our last day looking at Mormon.org. My companion now wants a metal leg because of one of the profile videos there. XD We did have a miracle that night though. As we were tracking down people who had moved, we found a couple that had moved in recently and were just in time to help them unload their car. We found out they had met with missionaries 30+ years ago, but had been turned away because of the funny smell in the Raleigh building. :( That is really wierd. Well, we were able to share the message of the restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and they seemed to teake it in pretty well. We will be meeting with them again this week. Saturday was an interesting day, but we were able to teach a really good lesson on the Law of Chastity. They accepted it on the spot and the only thing holding them back is the money needed for a marriage license. I really wanted to go halfsies on it. They really are a sweet couple of people. I look forward to seeing them married and baptized in the future.
    On Sunday I have a marvelous experience while at church. At church every Sunday we partake of the sacrament, which consists of the bread and the water. Covenant members of the church renew their covenants or promises with God that they made at baptism. It also serves as a way to begin anew each week when it is taken with a penitent spirit. I had an incredible experience as I was able to partake of it and it helped me to appreciate more the blessing of being a member of Christ's Church.
    I know that Jesus lives and loves each and every one of us. I know that God is our loving Heavenly Father. I know that we are His Children and that He has a plan for all of us. LIfe has a purpose. Families can be together forever and the only way is through Jesus Christ and His Gospel. I know that after being lost for centuries, that Gospel was restored by a modern day prophet, even Joseph Smith. I know that the Book of Mormon is evidence of this. I know that each and every individual can know of this through prayer, because God wants each of His children to know. Ask and ye shall receive, seek and ye shall find, knock and it shall be opened unto you. Even so it is. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.
With Love,
Elder Roberts