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Transfer 14 Week 1

Dear Everyone,
    I have just finished my last week in the Henderson area. It was really interesting to have been back in one of my original areas and to look back and ponder upon the changes that have been made in my life since then. Missions are an incredible experience. I would recommend them to anyone who is eligible and willing. For time is measured only to man and 18 months or a year or two years is a small tribute compared to the incalculable blessings we received from the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. I have enjoyed the time I have spent and look forward to using this final week as a missionary in the best way I can. Time is one of the most precious gifts God has given us and as was said in last general conference, our ability to choose what to do with that time is another.
    This week we went out to Franklinton and Louisburg and had dinner with the Stephens family and heard a lot about interplanetary disturbances, gravitational fields, well permits and how it will be more intelligent to stock up food than to stock up on gold. "You can eat food, but you cannot eat gold." It is hard to argue with that statement. Tuesday we spent the morning at the Habitat for Humanity Restore and helped put together cubicles and load a couch into the back of a car. We were then able to stop by Brenton and Tameka and Email. One of the members of the ward had a heart attack that morning and we received a call from Brother Jester that we were needed so that we could minister unto him. Though we had a bit of a struggle with the receptionist, the people in ICU let us in without a problem. We were able to give the blessing before he was transferred and very happy to see him at church that Sunday. All our appointments fell through, but we were able to set up a couple of appointment with two people. I met one of the "new" missionaries in our District and soon declared him "friend." I stood awestruck as his fingers glided over the piano keys and called back memories of my 16-bit adventures through dungeons and upon chocobo. It inspired me to once again pick up piano and spend an hour everyday practicing. We had a wonderful meeting on revelation through prayer and it came to me how important sincere prayer is in the Doctrine of Christ and in true conversion. It is that sincere, heartfelt communication that connects us to God and His will for us. As we have sincere prayer our wants and desires meld with His will and desires for us and we come out enlightened and holier. As we humble ourselves and accept the communicated will of the Lord our lives our richly blessed and our faith is increased in Him. We are then strengthened to accept His will more readily. We had an encounter with a beautiful bird that some kid shot down with his BB gun. We were able to retrieve gloves and give it a proper burial after it convulsed abit and departed from its mortal tabernacle.
    We met with an elderly lady Thursday night and since she had not been visited in some time we spent time getting to know her and heard about how her husband was bombed while in his truck and survived. While in the hospital he felt he needed to leave and then that hospital was bombed also. He later was killed in service, but had been a wonderful husband and father while in this life. The next day we were finally able to meet up with an investigator who had not been able to see us for awhile. We had been dropping by almost everyday, but his roomate would answer and tell us he was sleeping. We would ask him to tell him we came by, but he apparently was not delivering our messages. :( Well, we were able to meet with him and we had a wonderful experience and were able to invite him to commit to baptism. :D We met with another family of investigators that we had not seen in a while and for some reason they brought out a few boards for me to break with my foot. XD By the time we left they had laden us down with old windbreakers and gave my companion a suit and a trench coat that looked extremely sketchy.
    We had a wonderful lesson on the Word of Wisdom with Tameka and Brenton and were able to set a new baptismal date with them. We then drove out to Oxford and helped the Berry family with some yard work they needed done. That night we went to see Keith and had a pretty good exchange with him and then tried to see Jennifer. Sadly she was in the emergency room and her boyfriend and his 3 friends were about to go midnight bowling. So, we headed across the street and saw Brother Abbot's uncle. On Sunday we had a marvelous experience listening to the wonderfully prepared talks. Brother Jester gave a really good talk on the subject of gratitude and showed us how we should be grateful even under trying circumstances. We were able to witness the baptism of one of the members of the ward and before that we had a great priesthood meeting. I was so happy to be able to translate for tow of the latino brethern that were there. :D That night we had a wonderful dinner with the Elliotts and was surprised when the mother of the family knew so much about gaming. We finally caught up with Jennifer and she will soon be feeling alot better. I return to Cary tonight!
    I know that this is Christ's Church. I know that the Book of Mormon is the word of God along with the Bible. I know that Jesus is the Christ. Of these things I testify in the sacred name of Jesus Christ, Amen.
With love,
Elder Roberts